Group Training

Slice the cost by training with a friend or family member. Each client will receive full attention whilst you all strive towards achieving your goals together!

Group Fitness Training

Whether the aim is to get fit, lose weight, tone up or simply feel better, your group will be put through a personalised fitness programme suited to each of your needs and abilities. Each session will be geared towards helping you all achieve those desired goals and outcomes in a timely manner! Sessions will include warm ups, agility drills, circuit training, core work, boxing, bagwork, HIIT etc.

Group Training

Group Boxing Coaching

Your group will aim to learn the noble art of boxing and self-defence with a programme tailored to your abilities and goals. Each client will be put through a nationally recognised boxing programme which will provide a clear structure, development path and incentive to each training session. The programme will cover all key fundamentals of the sport, such as; stance, guard, footwork, punches, defences and include partner drills, bagwork and more technical based drills.

All Packages Include:
Personalised training programme
Target setting plan
Nutritional plan
Unsupervised workout programme
Fitness testing & tracking
Ongoing advice & support

All sessions are 60min and must be booked in advance. To book a free consultation contact Bobby on 07983151082