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Afewee was co-founded by Steadman Scott and Tony Goldring in 1997.

The Afewee project began life as a grassroots football club based at Crystal Palace Sports Centre, before moving to Streatham Common Park two years later, holding regular Saturday morning training sessions that continue to this day.

Steadman and Tony eventually rented a space at the Brixton Recreation Centre, paying for it with their own money, and began working with the local disadvantaged young people, determined to use competitive sport as a way to change lives for the better.

In 2004 they set up the Afewee Academy division designed to develop the skills of those boys and girls who had the talent to become professional players. Since its establishment, Afewee Football Academy has become something of a football phenomenon and it is increasingly recognised within the profession.

Dozens of Afewee old-boys and girls have made their way into professional academies and every Premier league club in London hosts an Afewee boy or girl. Thirty Afewee alumni have gone on to become professional players, five of them in Premier league, most notably, England defender Nathanial Clyne.

The Academy continues to thrive with boys and girls coming from far and wide in attempt to join its ranks and make the grade. It is known for its strong sense of discipline and focus amongst its young athletes.


Brixton Boxing Club

Brixton Boxing Club

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In 2011, following the London-wide riots, Steadman was struck by the remarkable fact that central Brixton had no community-focused boxing club for the area’s young people. He felt that providing a permanent space was essential and would allow his team to develop a long term relationship with members of its community; using boxing to drive a sense of discipline, self-worth, focus and ultimately success to all who passed through its doors.

Organising a petition in support of the establishment of such a club operating out of Brixton Recreation Centre, he gathered 977 signatures in just a few weeks. On the back of such community support, working in partnership with the Council and GLL, the centre’s operators, Afewee started delivering 2 non-contact boxing sessions in May 2014 with very little equipment in a multi-purpose sports hall. Our operation and vision grew steadily over time, when in February 2015 the club became affiliated with the London Amateur Boxing Association and officially became recognised as a competitive club.

Following years of increased demand and support to gain permanency through the work we were doing, in June 2017, we achieved our long term goal in securing a permanent space within the Brixton Recreation Centre. The charity received joint funding by GLL and the London Marathon Charitable Trust to re-furbish an unused space located on level 1 – creating the vital permanent hub needed for young people to come and feel a sense of belonging.

As a club we are committed to offering boxing coaching of the highest standards, accessible to all. As an organisation reflecting the realities of London society, we are a highly diverse and inclusive club, and we put a heavy emphasis on encouraging both male and female participation. Our aim is to allow all people who pass through our doors to realise their dreams and potential, encouraging hard work, dedication, respect and discipline along the way.