Afewee had it’s first junior boxer, Amine Ferhat, 14 years old, compete for the club on Saturday 12th March on the Fight For Peace boxing show in North Woolwich – and came away with a 3rd round TKO stoppage victory!

Fight report:

As soon as the opening bell rang, Amine’s opponent came racing towards him with a fast flurry of punches in an attempt to overwhelm him. Amine stayed calm, kept a tight guard and used his feet to diffuse the onslaught. After his opponent visibly tired half way through the first round, Amine started to take over, landing the cleaner punches which caused a bloodied nose and several stoppages throughout the bout in which the referee and doctor had to examine. The ref finally saw enough and ended the bout in the last round awarding the TKO stoppage win to the Afewee boxer!


Amine was originally scheduled to fight on the Sunday, but after a last minute cancellation of the entire show, which the coach found out about on the Friday night, he did everything in his power to still get the bout to go ahead on a different show, all be it against a last minute change of opponent! Everyone at the club is very proud and believes this will act as an incentive for other young up and coming boxers to follow his path! Amine is scheduled to fight again in the next few weeks.