We are pleased and excited to announce the launch of our brand new website! Our old website was looking a little outdated and we wanted it to better represent of who Afewee are – so we teamed up with one of our friends Ashley Elliott over at Fiverr, a Professional Web Designer and Developer, to create a fully-functioning, uncluttered website that is easy for our users to navigate.

The new website

Our new website has been designed and developed from the ground up, using the latest technologies, and is also fully responsive across all devices and web browsers.

We realise that making a website better isn’t just about making it look nice, but understanding what you as the visitor needs and expects. Information should be easy to find, easier to read and answer your questions. We have now restructured the site to do just that – as well as introducing an updated blog section to the site, which is going to be home to blogs and articles on a range of topics that will help you understand more about Afewee and what we do.

Our web developer Ashley Elliott says: “Working with Afewee has been a delight from start to finish. Bobby, the Head Coach at Afewee was always clear and concise with the requirements for the website and i was able to design and develop something that we were both happy with. Having spent a lot of time dealing with the old website, reading its content and looking at its videos and reviews. I was happy to be involved and hope to maintain a healthy relationship with this great charity for years to come.”

What’s next?

We will continue to develop and improve our website to provide you with information and details about our services, and Afewee itself. Stay up to date with our blog posts and news updates – we will be releasing them frequently!